Friday, June 26, 2009

The weather is grey here again which is actually kindve nice for taking pictures, so I guess thats the silver lining. The new girls have arrived Miss BWT, MSR, and FF and now I will have to try and behave myself for a little while(casual affair is on her way in the mail too) What a mess the whole Casual Affair Blythe situation is so many pre-orders cancelled. I must have just snuck in on that because my girl has now been shipped, I feel really bad for the cancelled orders hopefully people can nab here somewhere and that the price doesn't spike :( Curious to see what the future will bring for blythe it seems like the regular releases are getting to be less and less and the limits are really expensive. I've been busy making new dresses with my new fabric haul and also started to experiment with some sweet little frilly jackets, will have to find some cute autumn colors for fall(I love fall)

Anyways without further ado the new girls in some new clothes, all available at

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